Friday, November 19, 2010

The best laid plans

Every month I  look forward to the new sales flyers from Hancock and JoAnn. And every Sunday I check out the sales flyer and coupon for Hobby Lobby. These are the only places in town to get apparel fabric. I carefully go through the flyers - circling the things I want and need. Then I make a list of what I need and who has it on sale. I also make a list of other things on sale at each store - you know, just in case I "need" something else. I note the dates of the sales and what coupons I have. This is a standard process for me. And I always take the flyers with me to double check as I shop. Yes, wound a bit tight, it's true.

So I head out today for Hobby Lobby and Hancock. List in hand, coupons ready to go, flyers in purse. Found what I needed at Hobby Lobby: calico prints on sale, check; heavyweight interfacing with coupon, check; purple ribbon on sale, check. Next I head to Hancock, to pick up cotton and velour. Plan is coming together nicely. I'll be washing and pressing fabric in no time. But I wonder why some of the sale prices are wrong. Shouldn't the cotton be 40% off. Isn't velour 50% off instead of 30%. Thinking the sales associates didn't get the signs changed out, I grab what I need and head to the cutting counter.

I ask about sales prices before I have anything cut. "I don't think this is on sale" the lady says. I deftly present my sales flyer and point to the add in question. "Oh, yes, it should be on sale. Hmmm" says the sales lady. "Oh - they changed the dates of our sales. They start on Sunday now." Mouth open, I stare. "What?? After years of starting on Thursday, they up and change it to Sunday?" "Sorry dear," she says. "Will you please come back on Sunday?"

So now, I have no fabric. And I'm mad. Thinking an email to customer service is in order. And a change in my fabric shopping planning list. So all you folks used to shopping at Hancock - be warned to check the dates carefully on the sales flyers. For now, I think I'll dig up the old sales flyer and see what else I can get until Sunday. Hrmph.

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