Thursday, February 3, 2011

Corset break

So I really needed a little break from the corset, so I decided to make a waist cincher. I've always wanted to see what one would look like on me. I used the pattern from Simplicity 2331. Don't know how durable it will be, but it was easy and cheap. The green fabric is a medium weight twill-type that was given to me by my sister-in-law and the liner fabric was less than $1 from the thrift store. Free plastic boning from Home Depot's lumber binding. Including the cost of eyelets, interfacing, ribbon, and thread, this probably cost me less than $5 to make since I already had those things. I may add a modesty panel behind the lacing.

I didn't really have a specific costume in mind and since I couldn't decide between a dress or a shirt to go under the waist cincher, I went with something super easy - Butterick 4685. The brown fabric was already in my stash, and I think it came from the thrift store. I shortened the top by an inch and didn't put elastic in the sleeves. Super easy and has better shape than the elastic tops associated with ren/gypsy costume patterns I've used. And you don't need bias tape like some do. Bias tape would make a nice trim for this shirt though.

I shortened a skirt given to me by my sister and added a new waistband. Threw in some belts from the thrift store and I'm on my way to some sort of costume - scout, steampunk bad-ass, wench? Who knows.


  1. OMG- LOVE this! You look amazing!! You have so got to wear this when I wear my "assassin" costume and we will be the baddest, most ass-kicking women at the con! Srsly. Love it.

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