Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Start of Something Wicked

So I have wanted to make costumes of the Citizens of Emerald City ever since I saw Wicked. The costumes are A-ma-zing. So I decided to make a group of costumes for 2011 Dragon*Con. As my sister and sister-in-law are also going to D*Con, they are being forced to wear these wacky green costumes. I love willing participants. I am starting this post before I have finished any of the costumes, mostly as a journal for myself. There weren't many blog posts or pictorals about home made costumes from Wicked, aside from the main characters.

So the first step was acquiring decent photos of the costumes from the musical. Not so easy since folks seem infatuated with the costumes of the main characters rather than glorious supporting cast. I managed to find enough to get started, even though some were from productions in other countries (not the Broadway production). I also found a few pics of handmade costumes, but few descriptions of construction. I watched several online interviews with the designer, Susan Hilferty, and read a few articles about her and the design. There's even a book out there with her conceptual costume designs.

I knew many many months ago that I would want to make these costumes, so I have been collecting green fabrics for a while. All the costumes require several types and colors of green fabric, and buying it all at once would have been too much of a shock to the checking account. So I spent several months watching sales at the retail stores, combing through posts on ebay, and digging in the bins at thrift stores. I've also been collecting green ribbon, trim, and thread, as well as any other crazy green costume thing I could find like gloves and hats.

I ended up with green satin in a few colors, lots and lots of tulle and net, chiffon, taffeta, and sparkle mesh. Not to mention the pieces I had in my stash already AND the green taffeta prom dress that fits my S-I-L perfectly! So the next step was to decide which costumes to make and determine if any commercial patterns would get me close to the design. Since the prom dress fits my S-I-L, I didn't have to make a dress for her. I decided to alter the hemline of the dress and add a voluminous petticoat that would show on one side. Lots of ruffles will be needed for that. I will also bead the bodice and I hope to make a sheer top to be worn underneath.

My sister liked the "cabbage" costume. No pattern to help me out with the skirt. And that will require tons of tulle and net. I will make the bodice from a pattern (I hope).

I haven't decided yet what I will wear. But there is so much to chose from!!! I will make separate posts about construction as it progresses. I have to work quickly though, Dragon*Con is just around the corner.

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